Our Objective

To integrate the goal of the institute and its students through performance evaluation and monitoring.
To prepare a long term and short term performance planning and review.

Comprehensive commitment to excellence in professional competence, encouragement to creativity and innovation, initiative and development in conformity to the target.

We strive to achieve our objectives by maintaining strict co-ordination and imparting training through a faculty having a total understanding of the subject and a knack of delivering value- based knowledge.

The instructional method adopted by us includes:

  • Interactive lectures by expert faculty in small groups.
  • Providing quality assignments developed by senior & experienced faculty of the institute.
  • Regular assignments and tests for assessment and feedback.
  • Consultation session to remove individual doubts / weaknesses.
  • Very similar tests on the pattern of entrance examinations.
  • Creating competitive, Congenial and conducive Academic Environment.
  • Integration with the syllabi of the board examination. Counseling to promote motivation, learning and improve performance level.
  • Periodic review of student-performance and quality inputs for reality checks so that their performance remains at par with the assigned target.

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